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The success of future brands is directly proportional to their ability to correctly understand and manage the data surrounding them. Our departments at Makine don't operate with luck and fortune. We understand how valuable data in communication is and develop data-driven, sustainable brand ecosystems for our customers. We design user experiences for TV, mobile, web and all screen based platforms.


We design & Develop digital products and services. We focus on successful marketing communication solutions that add value to people's lives. We solve difficult and intricate communication problems with precision, foresight, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail at every layer. Strategy, analytics, design and media experts at Makine work to build lasting bonds between brands and people.


Modern mecralarda insanlar farklı ilgi gruplarında sosyalleşiyorlar. Biz bu kümelere "klan" diyoruz. Her klanın markalarla etkileşime geçmek için kendine özgü yöntemler benimser. Makine yaratıcı fikir, içerik ve doğru bağlamın kesiştiği noktada en isabetli marka hikayelerini keşfeder. Markanın vizyonu, değerleri ve kişiliği etrafında farklı mecralara özel içerik üretir.


In modern media, people socialize in different interest groups. We call these clusters "clans". Each clan adopts its own unique ways to interact with brands. We discovers the most relevant brand stories at the intersection of creative ideas, content and the right context. We develop content for different channels around the vision, values and personality of your brand.


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